Simple Shaving Techniques for Men

Overview Women have to go through the torture of waxing, threading and putting on a lot of makeup on a regular basis in order to look beautiful whereas men have to do one simple thing known as shaving to ensure they look their best. However, this simple thing is not so simple at all because it also requires proper technique and expertise. The worst thing about shaving is that men need to do it more often than woman need to wax their legs and arms. You might have heard practice makes a man perfect but with shaving, you cannot achieve perfection until and unless you know the proper techniques. If you are looking for the best techniques for helping men shave, then here are few tips to help you ace this job:

•    Preparing for the Shave

Many men tend to skip this step thinking it isn’t that important but it is essential to achieving the best result. It might be risky before preparing because there is no protective layer on your face which makes it more prone to cuts. The best way to prepare for a shave is by washing your face with warm water which helps remove excess oil and removes dead cells. This will also help moisten your facial hair making the task of shaving them easier. The next step involves applying a good shaving cream.

•    Choosing the Right Shaving Cream

The shaving cream you need to choose should be rich, creamy and textured which is very useful. The rich and creamy texture helps lubricate your face which makes it easier to shave and also moistens the facial hair as well. This cream also provides a protective layer over the skin which prevents you from cuts of the blade. If your skin is sensitive, then it is helpful to opt for a sensitive shaving cream. 

•    Using a Shaving Brush

It is always helpful if you opt to apply the cream using a shaving brush instead of your hands. This benefits you in three main ways. Firstly, it helps apply cream to each and every strand of facial hair which helps moisten them and make them rise which makes it easier to shave them off. In addition to this, it helps in creating a creamier layer which provides greater protection to the skin. It helps remove dead cells and exfoliates skin which is helpful in reducing irritation.

•    Correct Cream Applying Technique

You need to apply the correct technique for applying shaving cream all over your face. The best way is using the brush in circular motions to apply the cream all over your facial hair.

•    Using a Sharp Razor

Only a sharp razor can help you get the smooth shave whereas a dull razor will take more time and leave the shave rough and look untidy. For a neat clean-shaven look, you need to use a sharp razor and the sharpness depends on upon your bearing capability of your skin.

•    Be as Easy as You can

It is important to take the task of shaving as easy as you can and make sure that the razor glides smoothly across your skin. Avoid putting too much pressure and let the blade do its job for you. Take time to let the razor glide the razor on the face.

•    Avoid Shaving against the Grain

It is not good to shave against the grain which means the direction in which your hair grows because this way you will be more susceptible to cuts and irritating bumps. You need to notice how your facial hair grows and then shave accordingly.

•    Appropriate Angle

It is important to shave at an appropriate angle because it does not only ensure a smoother shave but also a safer one. This will help you prevent cuts if you start at     a ninety-degree angle and gradually move down towards a 30 degree or 40-degree angle.

•    Rinse With Cold Water

It is important to rinse off the excess shaving cream with cold water because this will help close the pores. It is important to pat your chin dry with a towel and avoid     rubbing. End with a good after shave lotion.

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