The perfect way to treat loved ones this Christmas? Presents every month!

Finding the perfect Christmas present for your loved one can be very difficult. We have all found ourselves travelling to the shops in search of gifts that we think our husband, boyfriend, brother or friend might like, but it usually ends up in socks and smellies. In an ever-changing internet based market, it has become more and more common for people to save the stress of the shops by getting everything done online. But the common worries still apply. Are my presents going to arrive on time? Why am I paying so much for delivery? And is it even going to fit?

Maybe we need to start thinking outside the box when it comes to presents, that smell of aftershave may only last a couple of weeks at a time, the washing machine will inevitably eat those socks you bought, and the chocolate? Well that will be finished by the time Christmas day is over.

The perfect present should be thoughtful and long-lasting. We believe that something that the receiver can cherish and use for a good amount of time. That is where we come in, Shave & Subscribe are a Gillette accredited razor subscription service that offers a range of different razors, handles and frequency of deliveries. In 3 simple steps, you can provide your loved one with the best razors on the market, delivered to their door whenever they would like, with free delivery!

Firstly, select the blades you think they would like:

Then, do they like their beard a bit longer? Or is it the clean-shaven look they go for:


And finally, do they need a handle to go with their blades?

Amazing prices, amazing products and amazing free delivery are just some of the services that we provide at Shave & Subscribe. We can wrap it up as a gift and send some goodies as well, with a personalised message from yourself and ourselves. 

Plans for the future

It’s not just the bearded that have the option of a razor subscription service. We are soon to be branching out to ladies shaving! Our friends at Gillette have allowed us to offer 15% off Venus shaving products, for silky smooth results. 

Keep an eye out for Smooth & Subscribe, the ladies shaving subscription, allowing you to have razor blades delivered to your door, whenever you want, for once again… free delivery!

Nobody likes shopping for the essentials, you shouldn’t have to. Save yourself the stress and sign up for the leading razor subscription service with the most fantastic prices on the market.

Keep an eye out for Smooth & Subscribe.



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