5 Tips on Shaving and Maintaining Your Facial Hair

Tips on Shaving and Maintaining Facial Hair If you are confused about how to shave or maintain your facial hair, then it is always good to do a little bit of research that can make your life much easier than you can imagine. Here are top 5 tips on shaving and maintaining your facial hair, which will help you look dashing enough to take breaths of gorgeous ladies away:


Having facial hair is a man’s way of beautifying his face. You might have heard about no shave Novembers and the growing trend of bearded faces. Men with beard are like more Nutella on your bread because they look and feel more attractive. Having facial hair can completely change the way you look and it can certainly make any woman drool over you. it has been proven by research that women find men with beard many times sexier than a man with a clean shaven look. However, in the end, it comes down to your preference and suitability. Not everyone wants to look like the intimidating and rough-bearded guy some want to look decent and chocolate boyish so they can rock the clean shaven look too. You can charm your lady love by properly maintaining the look you carry whether it is the tough guy look with a beard like Brad Pitt or the clean and naughty look with a clean shave like Robert Pattinson.  It is proper maintenance and shaving tactics that will help you look amazingly attractive both ways. You just have to decide how you want to look and the rest is easy. 


1.    Check What Suits Your Face Cut

Just like the way you need to consider your face cut while having a haircut, the same is true for shaving and maintaining your facial hair. First of all, it is important to determine the shape of your face and then check whether long beard or short one suits it better. It is also important to whether you need to have a fuller beard on the sides with a shorter beard on the center or shorter beard on the sides with longer in the center. Another option can be maintaining an evenly grown beard on a face cut that looks good in it. There can be another perspective to this that beard does not suit you at all so you should go for a nice clean shaven look like Ronaldo and many other dashing celebrities you admire.

2.    Following Pre-Trimming Ritual

Before you decide to shave or trim your facial hair, it is important to be ready before you start. The best way to be ready is to follow the pre-trimming ritual which involves combing, drying, and tidying. This is because beards are easiest to control when they are combed, dry and tidy. For this, you need to comb them with grains to ensure that they are straight enough to determine where do you need to start the trimming from.

3.    Keeping the Neckline in Mind

It is important to keep in mind that you have to be careful about the neckline and prevent shaving it. It is about one and a half inches above your Adam's apple which make it roughly two fingers. This can be done by imagining a curved line along the shape of your beard that connects the back of both the ears and then shave below this line. This will help you mind the neckline while getting the perfect trimmed look.

4.    Keeping the Transition Smooth

If you want a sharp beard line, then you can simply shave keeping the tips above in mind however if you want to attain a smoother transition from the beard to the neckline, then it is important to fade away the neckline. This can be done by adjusting the clippers to two sizes below your full beard and then buzzing off the edges by half or one inch into each side of the beard and you can attain an even smoother transition by fading half of the area with an even shorter clipper.

5.    Not Shaving off Cheek Hair

If you want to maintain your facial hair by supporting a fuller beard, then it is important to let your cheek hair grow to help give you a natural appearance. 

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