5 Things You Should Know About Shaving in Summer

Humidity can cause spots and uncomfortable shaving The Fact: Humid weather is not uncommon during the British summer. Warm and/or humid weather can affect your skin and make it more oily than usual. Oily skin is more prone to develop spots, which can make shaving uncomfortable. How to Combat: To fight oily summer skin, switch to a mild face wash to help strip skin of excess oil. Swap your usual moisturiser for an oil free, lighter option. If you shave using a cream or oil, try using a gel during the summer months.

Sun exposure - shaving while sunburnt

The Fact: Sunburn causes inflammation, which leaves your skin irritated. If your skin is red, warm or sore, it means it has been damaged. It might not be very tempting to shave sore skin, but what are the actual recommendations?


How to combat: There is no quick fix unfortunately. To help your skin recover from the sunburn, don’t shave the affected area until the redness has settled and the skin is no longer sore. If you shave the area, you are likely to cause even more irritation, which could potentially prolong the healing time. Help your skin heal by applying cooling aftersun or a rich moisturiser. And keep out of the sun.  

Sun and wind can cause dry, uncomfortable skin

The Fact: When you spend more time outdoors, your skin will become more exposed to elements such as sun, water and wind. This can cause your skin to dry out, making your usual shaving routine feel uncomfortable.


How to combat: Make sure to use a SPF/suncare lotion to protect against the sun. This will not only reduce the risk of sunburn, but will also moisturise your skin and prevent dryness. In the evening, wash off the suncare lotion and apply a face cream to keep your skin moisturised and supply in between shaves.  

The contradiction - suncare lotion can cause spots

Depending on your skin type, the use of suncare lotions can actually make your skin more greasy than usual. And as mentioned above, greasy and oily skin can develop spots as pores get clogged up with impurities.


How to combat: Choose a suncare lotion suited for oily skin. In general, clear sprays can be a better option that cream lotions.      

Summer beards and stubbles

During summer holidays, you might not shave quite as frequent as when you’re working. You might even have grown a substantial beard or stubble while you’ve been off. If this is the case, you might want to implement a beard shaving strategy before going back to work.


How to combat: What is the best way to shave a beard? It’s always a good idea to shave straight after having a shower. This helps to soften the beard and open your pores. Use a good quality shave gel and lather up. Ensure your razor blades are sharp and keep you skin taut while shaving.

If you haven’t shaved in a while, you are likely to experience some irritation of your skin. Keeping your newly shaved skin moisturised can however help to soothe your skin. Apply an after shave balm or good moisturiser straight after shaving for best results.    

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