The perfect way to treat loved ones this Christmas? Presents every month!

Finding the perfect Christmas present for your loved one can be very difficult. We have all found ourselves travelling to the shops in search of gifts that we think our husband, boyfriend, brother or friend might like, but it usually ends up in socks and smellies. In an ever-changing internet based market, it has become more and more common for people to save the stress of the shops by getting everything done online. But the common worries still apply. Are my presents going to arrive on time? Why am I paying so much for delivery? And is it even going to fit?[...]

5 Things You Should Know About Shaving in Summer

Humidity can cause spots and uncomfortable shaving The Fact: Humid weather is not uncommon during the British summer. Warm and/or humid weather can affect your skin and make it more oily than usual. Oily skin is more prone to develop spots, which can make shaving uncomfortable. How to Combat: To fight oily summer skin, switch to a mild face wash to help strip skin of excess oil. Swap your usual moisturiser for an oil free, lighter option. If you shave using a cream or oil, try using a gel during the summer months. [...]

Simple Shaving Techniques for Men

Overview Women have to go through the torture of waxing, threading and putting on a lot of makeup on a regular basis in order to look beautiful whereas men have to do one simple thing known as shaving to ensure they look their best. However, this simple thing is not so simple at all because it also requires proper technique and expertise. The worst thing about shaving is that men need to do it more often than woman need to wax their legs and arms. You might have heard practice makes a man perfect but with shaving, you cannot achieve perfection until and unless you know the proper techniques. If you are looking for the best techniques for helping men shave, then here are few tips to help you ace this job: [...]

5 Tips on Shaving and Maintaining Your Facial Hair

Tips on Shaving and Maintaining Facial Hair If you are confused about how to shave or maintain your facial hair, then it is always good to do a little bit of research that can make your life much easier than you can imagine. Here are top 5 tips on shaving and maintaining your facial hair, which will help you look dashing enough to take breaths of gorgeous ladies away: [...]

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