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Gillette razor blade delivery service

Shave & Subscribe delivers Gillette razor blades to your door. Our service is easy and straightforward, and so is our promise to you. As a Shave & Subscribe member, You will always save a minimum of 15% off recommended retail price.

As a Gillette partner, all our razor blades and handles are 100% genuine. When you subscribe to our service, you can expect the same high quality blades that you are used to, but with added convenience.

Our service is as flexible as you want it to be. Receive your blades monthly, every other month (bimonthly) or every three months (quarterly). No worries if you are unsure of the delivery interval, you can easily change this later from within your subscription dashboard.

The flexibility of our service offers you 100% control over your subscription. Upgrade, downgrade, change the delivery interval, pause, skip or cancel your subscription any time.

Sounds great - what’s the catch?

There is no catch. A subscription business model has several benefits, both for the customer and the business. The value lies in customer retention, which means we can pass bigger savings onto you.

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Introducing our Gillette razor blades

We offer you the selection of Gillette’s 4 most popular razor blades. You can read more about the blades and their features below. Simply choose your favourite, or try something new. You can change your subscription blades or cancel your plan anytime if you’re not completely satisfied.

Our subscriptions include blades only. If you would like a handle with your first subscription, please add this to your order at checkout.

Gillette Fusion ProShield Flexball

A 5 bladed cartridge in combination with Gillette’s flexball handle offers the greatest shave precision out of all Gillette’s razors. The name ProShield refers to advanced lubrication that shields and protects the skin before as well as after the blades to minimise any irritation.

The flexball allows the blade to follow the contours of your face and neck with ease, catching every hair in its way.

The extra blade on the back of the cartridge in the form of a precision trimmer is ideal for edging and precise grooming to suit your personal style.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Flexball

Fusion ProGlide features 5 blades, a lubricating strip and a precision trimmer, perfect for those tricky areas of the face.

These blades are all about the popularity of the original Fusion razor combined with flexball handle technology. This is the razor for anyone looking for a more advanced version of the Fusion razor.

Gillette Fusion Manual Razor

With its 5 blade technology, the Fusion offers that close and comfortable shave that have made it one of Gillette’s bestselling razors.

Just like the ProShield and ProGlide, the Fusion benefits from a precision trimmer. The grip-friendly, non-slip handle offers you perfect control.

Gillette Mach3

The Mach3 features 3 sharp blades and a lubrication strip to help avoid irritation or razor burn. The well balanced handle offers a great shaving experience and a superior grip.

The Mach3 is ideal for tackling moderate beard growth and stubble. It is great for those who shave less regularly and don’t require any additional features such as precision trimmers.

About Shave & Subscribe

Shave & Subscribe has worked closely with Gillette since 2015 to offer a smooth and convenient razor blade subscription service.

Our customers love the reliable home delivery service and the flexibility of the plans. In addition, our prices are on average 15% less than on the high street. With free delivery on every shipment, our service offers incredible value for money.

Join us today and start saving on your Gillette blades.

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